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I am very thankfull for developing such website of boed songs. Its really agreat job.All BOEDPA will appreciate it.
Phurba lama sherpa


dhonam peace band

I really appreciate the work you have done, this site really helps to keep our songs and its value so thank you

peace band



Tashi delek

The site seems to be very interesting , if listening option is made available, then its become more interesting and help us to listen the song we like along with its lysrics


Tenzin Chokphel

love to check your website


Yoshi Dromotu

Tashi Delek. Nice site, great songs!


Kuenga Dendup

Congratulations to all the Tibetans. I am a Bhutanese who loves listening to Tibetan songs. I also love singing Tibetan songs. Most of our culture and practices were originated from Tibet mostly brought by Zhabdrung Rinpoche. Thanks for coming up with this web site.


Tawu Gelek

Could you please add some TIPA song lyrics as well. That would make this well rounded. Awesome! thanks.


Tawu Gelek

I googled for some Tibetan song lyric and I was pleasantly surprised to stumble into your site, which I must say is just awesome... we know the value of our culture and it is important that we keep close ties with our roots. This site will promote the interest in learning and singing Tibetan songs for fun.

Kudos for the job well done!!!


Mamta Chader

I love Tibetian culture & music coz my culturee has greatt influences grm it bt nw people are forgetting everyting about it becoz evryone is turning to Christianity & so I feel very sad about it bt I want to reevaluate it..I usally hear songs of Famous Tibetian Singers lyk Lobsang Delek,Kunga Phuntsok,Phurbu T.Namgyal,Tsewang Lhamo,Yangchen Lhaze,Tsering Gurmey ,Sonam Gompo & Dronpe .


Tenzin Gelek

I am glad i found Song Tbet website and its lovely. My only suggestion towards you is that it would be good if we could have the lyrics of the society songs in Tibetan at the top along with lirics in english which may be useful for those who cannot read tibetan properly.


Priscille SOYER

Hello, I'am a french woman, i like this kind of music, really.
I have tibetan friends in Switzerland and i would like to buy cd about, for example Tsering Gyurmey, but how? I hope to have answers.
Thanks for this website, it's wonderful....


tenzin noryang

hi it is nice to go through this page i found many old song with lyric really glad to go through it and practices it is easy as well... thank you


Jhamba Dolkar Sherpa

Tashi Delek: thank you for putting this website here. This is my first time here, and I very much enjoy listening and learning songs of all kind. Music is my passion. too sad that I can't take it with me when leave this earth....
Thank you again.


ian immy

i like ur site, but worst thing i find is that .. this singers are long gone , so, put some new song that new young singer have sung .... god bless ya'll ///...



This site is awesome. I joined the protest march yesterday and I was wondering where I could find the lyrics for our anthem and the uprising song. Well done my friend!

Admin wrote


Beri Palden

Thanks for great work!!!! keep it up!!!!



Hi there, i am glad that i found this site. there was a particular song that i used to love alot but with my college years, i forgot it, but today here i got that song. Love it.. GEE thanks admin.
Lots of love :)



Dear singers of today. I am also a singer, sang at various gathering but do not proclaim myself a singer. This is my always thinking why don't you guy try to put something new effort adding new lyrics instead using HH title always and there is another one I love and you love me like lyrics is gone. There should be some combination, a combination of atmosphere, snowy mountain, green land and pastures, Trees which are failing in your songs. So try to come out with real shayar.


Tsering Tashi

Nice but you have to put some more new artis n put new lyrics more n more..
Anyway great job.. Thumbs up!!!



hi there! thanks for the sharing, i would like to request the original tibetan lyric of song Shunseb Kyi Pe Dolma Lhakhang La by tsering gyurmey, i checked with many videos and singings but still the second line of the song is not clear if it is like this one Shingh Deh La Shingna Zompa. there is only meaning in the bottom of this line Shingna Zompa
but fist few words does not mean anything or no meaning in tibetan, so i just want to see the original track lyric in tibetan just to rectify. thanks



I was just amazed to find this site. Hats off to whoever created this and hoping to see it updated and maintained.

I was looking for the lyrics of Mang-tso Sarshe in Tibetan and to my surprise, I could even derive the same in english. The dual language would definitely help the ones not knowing Tibetan to even learn Tibetan songs.

Thank you for the effort and best wishes. Hope to see it updated as far as possible.




I want to buy Best of Nelung Tsering Topden, but i never found that song, so how can i find that song?/ plz let me know,, Tashi delek,


Yeshe Gyatso Sherpa

It’s a very nice way to teach or to learn, as many of us don’t know the hidden secret of the Tibetan Legacy. Now, I hope it will bring curiosity among all; that the Tibet Will never Die!


Prat Sresta

Kunga's music will always remind me of my journeys across Tibet and inspires me to return. Thank you and peace to all.



all the song lyrics are good but some lyrics are missing and have to complete for example sonam gonpo's song Thukjey Katrin song hope to get positive result from your side as soon as possible...
with best regards


Tenzing Yeshi

Thank you for taking this initiative and making this beautiful site for tibetan song lovers, I was wondering if we can get a TIPA lyrics on this site that will be great as most of the song here is contemporary and TIPA can help with classical and folk songs of tibet.



For your very good work..........
I would like to support you to advertise this site to all my friends and family....

And through my id of facebook, skype, twitter, gmail and yahoo... I will send this site to strangers.

Once more I thanks for your great work...........



Its good to have this site......
Thanks behalf of all Tibetans for your good work.

but I hope to have songs list update as you can and a function of free download like
If you can, have home page of latest album advertisement and singer list are on another link as you have did of Album, society Songs and guest book...
Its just my suggestion...
If I get better idea then I will share you on same page......


sonam hyolmo

i am from nepal {Helambu}
i like tibeten songs



hi this is a very good web site n i love it, i think it would be very helful for the younger generation to learn about the tibetan culture and their tradation, also please it would be very good if dranyen notes is available along with song



very good this web..... Dear pls can i have Lhandon la music tract... thank you so muh..



i like it!


Kirsten van Gelder

Thank you for offering your songs and for the administrators who are involved in the generosity of this website. Kirsten



Nice Website, but You should add Downloads, so the viewers can download the wonderful songs. I wanted to download some tibetan songs but you dont habe downloads. Good Job Anyways



hi i like this site very much. it would be much better if dranyen code is included
.please can i get some dranyen code because i couldnt get it from anyone



hey Tashi Delek ! this is website very good so much .... i think this real tibetan music ...thank you very much ..keep it up !!



saw this website for the first time n really happy to go thru all the songs,, its amazing,, i was looking for the lyrics of all PTN SONGS and thanks to this site that i got all,,,, its jus awesome,, well done....



Thank u so much , i like these song and lyrics especially TRINKHOR is most beautiful
song which by Dr Tawo Palden, Really i like so much¨¨¨!



tashi delek! yakpo dug... mu mthud nay nangjug byed rogs nang..
hi, dear. you did very nice.....


Sonam ( Lo-manthang mustang Nepal)

This web side helps on my Tibetan language.Thank you very much.Please share more song.



thanks for the site, very good initiative. hopefully the lyrics collection will grow.



Wow Keep it up!!!!! Free Tibet!



its really good for the person who like singing, dey can refer . . In future i would lik to c some lyrics for tibetan cultural songs thanks


Sonam Gangsang

Wow! this site is just amazing.....!!!. I have been looking for lyrics of many tibetan song for quite long and nice to came across this one finally. THANK YOU!


Tenzin Dantse

Went through your and found it very helpful and easy to access Hope to see more of new albums on the list.



hii tashi deleck to all, thanks so nice web, just like planet M, tibetan music,song



hay good see your site......really nice


Tenzin Dorjee

Thank you very much for such a sweet website which I have never seen before with such content which everybody is looking for.. Keep it up your good work and hope to see more lyrics after wards.. Keep it up...



hi, good to go through the website. very soon will contact u.


tsering margey

kherang ki dhakya pe yagpo duk. tashi deleg shu.. she sarpe she-tsig yang chug-rog nang...